Landscaping is the process of designing an outdoor living space that meets the practical and emotional needs of the property owners. We work closely with each client to understand their needs, and get to know the property as well. That way we can design a project that marries the right aspects of landscaping and hardscaping to create the comfortable and visually appealing outdoor living space desired.

Landscaping involves the modification of the living or natural features of your property:

  1. Replenish, re-position or replace living elements, such as trees, plants and lawn
  2. Install proper irrigation using drought-friendly systems.
  3. Gardening, which is caring for growing plants with a goal of creating a beautiful landscape.
  4. Reshaping or reinforcing natural elements like slopes, terraces, terrain shape and elevation.
  5. Design elements such as lighting conditions.

Landscapers work with a range of materials to build the desired environment. In addition to plants, materials like live or artificial turf, sand, pebbles and mulch could be used.

Landscaping in the Bay Area has specific needs. Plants must be drought-tolerant and water use must be minimized, for instance. Using local experts like Ideal is therefore recommended!

Understanding of the site is essential, including different natural features like terrain, topography, soil qualities, prevailing winds, water flows and the appropriate horticulture to install. The land may also need to be reshaped, or graded.

The grading process may also call for removal of excessive waste soil and rocks to landfill. Designers take this into account while in the planning stage.

Ideal Landscape has been successfully landscaping properties in the Mid-Peninsula area for decades. We understand this climate and the natural life that thrives here as well as anyone.