Hardscaping is the part of landscaping that focuses on the installation of landscape features that are built of concrete, stone or other hard materials.

Hardscaping involves the renovation or construction of an outdoor area using natural and man- made materials like various types of concrete, interlocking pavers, brick or any other type of  masonry material. Hardscape includes features such as driveways, walkways, patios, retaining walls, outdoor kitchen areas and other designs.

Most well-planned landscaping project includes at least some hardscaping. For example, stone planter boxes can be considered hardscape, and many plans to contour the landscape will include retaining walls, walkways and patio areas.

Hardscaping also is used to prevent erosion and water runoff by constructing barriers, elevated areas to support proper irrigation systems. It can help save water while maintaining a more beautiful property.

Ideal Landscape & Concrete incorporates aspects of hardscape design into every landscape project to achieve the thriving, vibrant outdoor living spaces our clients desire.